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Opening Hours : Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm, Saturday - 10am to 2pm
  Contact : 604-904-3993

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Dr. Peyman Khademi is deeply passionate about health and wellness. Whether it is working one-on-one with patients, writing for various publications, or performing public educational health seminars, Dr. Khademi is able to translate the latest health information into easy to implement steps for his patients. As a member of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and British Columbia Chiropractic Association, his patient care will always include the most recent and scientifically based treatment available. Dr. Khademi focuses on the treatment of acute and chronic back, neck, shoulder, and foot pain caused by work or sports related injuries, car accidents, and postural and overuse conditions.

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Dr. Lee D. Butterfield (Ph.D., CCC, CHRP) is a registered Psychologist, a Canadian Certified Counsellor, and professional member of the Canadian Psychological Association and Canadian Counselling Association. She obtained her doctorate and master's degrees from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Dr. Butterfield works with clients who are dealing with issues related to stress and anxiety, depression, life transitions, anger, grief, abuse, trauma, relationships, body image, self-esteem, job loss, career decisions, gender/sexual orientation, and family of origin.

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Dr. Yasaman Safarzadeh is a Licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and a Diplomate of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specializes in facial and constitutional rejuvenation, pain management, hormonal/gynecological disorders, sleep disorders and stress management.

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