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You may find that as the weather gets colder, you may experience more aches and pains, and even feel like your muscles are stiffer. This is even more evident for workers who work outside in the winter or individuals with certain ailments. The cold weather can increase the risk of suffering from musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and can even increase the intensity of certain MSK conditions.

How Can the Cold Weather Impact Us?

If you live with an arthritic condition you might find that your symptoms may be exacerbated by cold weather conditions, which can keep you away from doing the activities you enjoy. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis may not react well to sudden weather or atmospheric changes, which may worsen symptoms.

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 Light weights, many repetitions effective at building muscle mass.

New research is challenging traditional workout wisdom which says that heavy weight lifting is the best way to build muscle.
In the latest results from a 16-year study by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, lifting lighter weights many times was found to be as efficient as lifting heavy weights for fewer repetitions.

In the study, two groups of experienced male weight lifters followed a 12-week, whole-body protocol. One group lifted lighter weights (≥50 per cent of maximum strength) for sets of 20-25 repetitions. The other group lifted heavier weights (≥90 per cent of maximum strength) for 8-12 repetitions. Both groups lifted to the point of failure. Gains in muscle mass and muscle fiber size were virtually identical in both groups.

It appears that fatigue is the great equalizer. At the point of fatigue, both groups would have been trying to maximally activate their muscle fibers to generate force. Lift to the point of exhaustion and it doesn’t matter whether the weights are heavy or light.

The findings are published online in the Journal of Applied Physiology:buy prednisone 10mg online

buy prednisone 5mg online