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Your Health. Our Mission.

Offering Chiropractic, Low-level laser Therapy, Custom-made Orthotics, Psychology/Counselling & Naturopathic Medicine

Westview Wellness Centre: Where Care Comes First

Our clinic was created with a vision to offer a balance of optimal healthcare solutions by allowing patients access to the best of Canada's public and private healthcare practitioners. From prevention to diagnosis and treatment, Westview Wellness Centre is prepared to provide a seamless process for the clients we serve.


Integrated Healthcare

We strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to health care. Patients at our Centre will have access to a team of practitioners in conventional and complementary medicine working together to provide better results than either might achieve alone.


Scientific Approach

Evidence-based treatments have sufficient scientifically valid and clinically proven research to support their use. Some alternative therapies are untested or have been tested and shown to be ineffective. We shy away from these therapies and focus on what works so you have the best chances of improving your health.


Qualified Doctors

When seeking any type of health care, it's crucial that your practitioners have had appropriate training in their field. You can rest assured that practitioners at Westview Wellness Centre exceed this requirement. Our health care team consists of a group of highly educated, regulated professionals working together for your health.


Proven Record

Our long line of success is built on the confidence that our clients have in our abilities. We are happy to see that they come back for our various services time and time again. We have taken great pride in serving our clients from across the Vancouver region for over ten years. Moreover, we enjoy the collaborative relationship we obtain with our patients as we navigate and manage their return to health and well-being.

Collage of a person receiving acupuncture and physiotherapist treating her patient's arm

We Offer Safe & Reliable Services

Conveniently located in the Westview Shopping Centre in North Vancouver, our multidisciplinary clinic has been providing quality, natural, and evidence-based health care services for the people who live and work in our community. Some of the services offered at our clinic include Chiropractic, Custom Made Foot Orthotics, Registered Massage Therapy, Active Release Technique, Registered Psychology, Physiatry, and genomic testing.

Services Offered: